2–6 August 2010

Rice Room, 6764 Boelter Hall, UCLA (Monday and Friday)
California Room, UCLA Faculty Center (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)

Detailed agenda for the entire meeting now available here.

REGISTRATION: The organizing committee decided on a $20 registration fee per day to defray part of the meeting costs.
(Payment by cash or check should be made upon arrival to the meeting. Please make checks payable to “Regents of the UC”.)

Conference Call Dial-In Information
Monday (9 am-12 pm 1 pm-3 pm): 310-206-8371
Tuesday (9 am-12 pm): 310-794-5378
Tuesday (1:30 pm-3:30 pm): 310-825-9221
Wednesday (8:30 am-1 pm only): 310-206-8371
Thursday (1:30 pm-5:30 pm – MASCO Meeting): 310-794-5378
Friday (8 am-12:00 pm – MASCO Meeting): 310-794-5378

Monday, August 2

I.1 Opening Session
Welcome and meeting goals Abdou
DOE perspective Nardella
Plan for IEA LB meeting Sze/Calderoni

I.2.A FNST R&D Progress
LM-MHD simulation development and recent results Smolentsev
LM-MHD experiments and PbLi loop progress Messadek
Tritium & compatibility experiments with PbLi Calderoni
Mass transfer modeling for LM blankets Smolentsev/Pint
3D HIMAG development progress Munipalli
Tritium transport simulations in LM blankets Zhang/Ying

I.2.B FNST R&D Progress
ITER tritium fuel cycle modeling Willms
Aspen experience for tritium fuel cycle modeling Liu/Willms
Assessment of failure modes using ITER design criteria Ghoniem/Sharafat
Thermomechanical modeling of blanket systems Lumsdaine et. al.
Be/FS joint development status Hunt
CAD centric integrated simulation efforts Ying/Reed/Munipalli
Nuclear data and neutronics simulations update Sawan/Wilson
Update and progress on deterministic based neutronics Youssef
Critical gaps between Physics and Nuclear Science Wong

I.3 ITER TBM Progress
TBM activities update Abdou
Preliminary safety report input Merrill
DCLL Interface Coordinator activities Wong

Tuesday, August 3

I.2.C FNST R&D Progress (continued)
Update on RAFS research in materials program Kurtz/Stoller
Update on SiC research in materials program Katoh


II.1 FNS Opening Session
Fusion Materials/Nuclear Science: The Future Nardella
OFES process Kessel
Remarks (history) on prior FNST studies Nygren
FNST studies perspective Abdou

II.2 Summaries of current FNSF-Related Activities
FNSF Steering Group activities Navratil
FNSF Options:
(a) FNSF – ST Peng
(b) FNSF – Standard Aspect Ratio Stambaugh
Overview of Pilot Plant studies and contributions to FNST Menard
Recent FNS-related activities in ARIES Tillack
Gas dynamic trap studies for materials testing Simonen

II.3 FNSF Testing Strategy Discussions
FNSF Blanket Testing mission and strategy
(Introduction and summary of previous workshops) Ying/Sawan
FNSF Materials testing mission and strategy Kurtz/Stoller
– Comments and capabilities from FNSF designers Stambaugh/Peng
FNSF maintenance and research strategy Malang/Abdou
– Reliability growth Abdou

Wednesday, August 4

PFC Chair Report Brooks

II.4 FNSF Testing Strategy Discussions for PFC
Session Objectives and First Wall Testing Description Morley
What divertor material, cooling and configuration options should be
considered for FNSF?
– Divertor Options Considered in FNSF studies Garofalo
– Perspective 1: on magnetic configuration Kotschenreuther
– Perspective 2: on He-Cooled Tungsten Youchison/Nygren
– Perspective 3: on Free surface liquid metal Majeski
What FNSF parameters and features are required for divertor, PMI testing?
What is the PFC/PMI testing strategy in FNSF?
– Perspective 1 Menard
Perspective 2 (movie) Peng
– Perspective 3 Stambaugh
What R&D is required for the FNSF divertor?
– Perspective Maingi
– Perspective on PFC/PMI laboratory facilities Nygren

II.5 Wrap up of FNSF joint sessions
Summary comments and needs for future actions and meetings Baker/Sawan/Morley

PFC Session I (continued)
VLT Report Milora/Nygren

Plasma Edge/PMI Modeling
Recent C-MOD, NSTX, and Supercomputing PMI modeling Brooks
Particle and energy fluxes to PFCs from repetitive small ELMs Rognlien
Physical mechanisms of melt layer splashing in tokamaks Miloshevsky/Hassanein
Dynamic evolution of mixed materials bombarded with multiple ions beams and impurities Sizyuk/Hassanein
Integrated effects of disruptions and ELMs on divertor and nearby Components Sizyuk/Hassanein

Tokamak Experiments
C-Mod experimental work with W and Mo Wright
Recent NSTX Results (including reduction of recycling and edge transport coefficients with lithium coatings) Maingi
DiMES and MiMES Recent results Rudakov
LTX Status and Plans Majeski
Transient Tolerant Surface Development Wong
Ion Beam analysis of Tokamak Tiles Buchenauer for Wampler
DIII-D Edge physics overview Rudakov for Leonard

Thursday, August 5

DOE Report (focus on PFC issues for FNST) Nardella

Special 2-hour joint PFC/MASCO session on Tungsten Issues
Rick summarizes plans for newly funded tungsten work in his area Kurtz
Summary of recent W workshops focused on structural materials, etc. in Japan Sharafat
Summary of W work in the PFC/PMI community Nygren
Summary of recent W PFC/PMI workshops (i.e. hydrogen-W in May and W PFC US-Japan workshop in Fall 2009) Buchenauer

PMI Laboratory Experiments
Recent PMI results at Sandia Kolasinski
Recent W fuzz experiments at PISCES on W fuzz Baldwin
Progress in advanced sintering of ultrafine and nanocomposite tungsten-based PMI coatings Allain
DIONISOS: Upgrade into the high surface temperature regime Wright
Overview of recent activities in TPE Shimada
Effects of transient heating events on tungsten plasma facing components in a steady-state divertor-plasma environment Umstadter
Lithium-related experiments at Illinois Ruzic

Friday, August 6

ITER, NSTX Specific
NSTX PFC upgrade plans Kaita
NSTX PFC diagnostic probe development and results Allain
Heat loads during halo current events on ITER Ulrickson
LIMIT divertor concept Ruzic

Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow
Heat transfer in hypervapotrons with subcooled boiling Youchison
Progress in heat transfer at UCLA Morley/Ying
LIMIT – A heat removal concept for tokamak divertors Ruzic