Former Graduated Students


Completed Degree PhD


Name Year of Graduation Institutional Affiliation Title
Bell, Graham Edgar Carlsen December-88 HDR Engineering, Inc. HDR-Schiff Sr. Vice President/ Dept. Manager
Kim, Chang Nyung March-89 Kyung Hee University Prof. Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
McCarthy, Kathryn March-89 ITER, USA  Associate Laboratory Director for the Fusion and Fission Energy and Science Directorate, and Director of ITER-USA
Federici, Gianfranco December-89 Fusion for Energy, Barcelona- EFDA Head of Dept. Power Plant Physics & Tech.
Majid, Asad March-90 Center for Nuclear Studies, Pakistan Professor
Song, Peter Myungdal March-90 Siemens Power Corp. Senior Engineer
Adnani, Parham June-91 RC Environmental Services & Tech. Senior Scientist
Jun, Insoo December-91 JPL/NASA Principal Scientist/ Technical Group Supervisor
Badawi, Alya June-93 Alexandria University Head of the Nuclear and Radiation Department
Cho, Seungyon March-94 NFRI Head, System Engineering Division
Morely, Neil December-94 Neustar Inc. VP Data Science/Analytical Product Development
Zhang, Li December-95 Facebook Software Engineer
Gray, Douglas S. June-97 UCSD Engineer/ Scientist
Gaizer, Alexander June-98 Deceased Engineer
Kuan, William June-98 Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems Principal Systems Engineer
Abelson, Robert June-99 Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL/NASA) Engineer
Lu, Zi June-00 Jaycor Engineer
Freeze, Brent Anthony March-03 Astronics Test System Senior Marketing Manager
Gao, Donghong June-03 Skyline Products, Inc. Senior C++ Software Engineer
Calderoni, Pattrick March-04 Idaho National Laboratory Manager of Measurement Science Dept. and Nuclear Engineer
Konkachbaev, Askar March-04 General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Systems/ Project Engineer in Aerodynamics and Propulsion
Luo, Xiaoyong December-05 AEZ Investment Inc. Founder and President
An, Zhiyong September-06 Advantest Senior Engineer
Abou-Sena, Ali Ahmed March-07 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Engineer
Narula, Manmeet Singh December-08 Areva Solar Inc. XXX
Takeuchi, Junichi March-09 Mitsubishi XXX
Hunt, Ryan Matthew October-11 ITER, France Blanket Responsible Officer
Vetcha, Naveen October-12 ERC/JSEG/NASA MSFC Aerospace Technologist
Saeidi-Lubell, Sheida June-14 Boeing Airplane Mechnical Sytems Engineer
Zhang, Hongjie December-13 Fusion Science & Tech. Center Post-Doctoral Scholar
Van Lew, Jon Thomas September 206 Fusion Science & Tech. Center Post-Doctoral Scholar
Kawczynski, Charles Newlin March-18 Caltech Software Engineer
Mohammed, Mahmoud Lotfy December-18 Tesla Senior Thermal Analytics Engineer
Young, Jack Nathaniel April-19 Consolidated Ocean Technologies, Inc. Scientist
Rhodes, Tyler James June-19 Zap Energy Senior Research Engineer
Riva, Marco March-20 Mynd Data Scientist


Completed Degree Master Plan II


Name Year of Graduation Institutional Affiliation Title
Broeren, Robert Lawrence June-03 XXX XXX
Morikawa, Tomotaka September-04 XXX XXX
Narula, Manmeet Singh December-04 XXX XXX
Hsueh, Hengli June-06 Ricon Corp. (A Wabtec Subsidiary) Application Engineer
Montalvo, Adam Derek June-06 XXX XXX
Barra, Natasha June-07 XXX XXX
Guo, Wen June-07 XXX XXX
Park, Sang Joon June-07 XXX Researcher
Chang, Mike Rocky June-08 XXX XXX
Zhang, Wei September-08 Amazon Software Engineer
Medina, Albert December-08 XXX XXX
Vetcha, Naveen December-09 ERC/JSEG/NASA MSFC Aerospace Technologist
Saeidi, Sheida September-10 XXX Engineer
Londarenko, Yuriy Y. June-11 XXX XXX
Sutevski, Damien Justin June-11 PrepFE Founder
Kohli, Aanchal January-13 California Air Resources Board Scientist
Chiang, Juinjay June-13 SkyWest Airlines Captain
Kawczynski, Charles Newlin June-13 Caltech Software Engineer
Murray, Stephen Joseph June-13 XXX XXX
Tucker, Justin Reed June-13 Specialized Bicycle Components Inc. XXX
Mohammed, Mahmoud Lotfy December-14 Tesla Senior Thermal Analytics Engineer
Rhodes, Tyler James December-14 Zap Energy Senior Research Engineer
Cai, Tianqin March-16 ByteDance Software Engineer
Van Lew, Jon Thomas September-16 ImmunityBio Principal Engineer
Riva, Marco December-16 Mynd Data Scientist
Yan, Yi December-16 UCLA Graduate Student Researcher


Completed Degree Master Plan I


Name Year of Graduation Institutional Affiliation Title
Garner, James Kirkland June-85 SEA Corp., SD, CA Senior Engineer
McCarthy, Kathryn March-86 ITER USA  Associate Laboratory Director for the Fusion and Fission Energy and Science Directorate, and Director of ITER-USA
Lankarani- Fard, Vahid June-87 XXX XXX
Patel, Dilip Kumar December-87 CA Air Resources Air Resources Engineer
Federici, Gianfranco March-88 Fusion for Energy, Barclona-EFDA Head of Dept. Power Plant Physics and Tech.
Jun, Insoo June-89 Jet Propulsion Lab Principal Scientist/Technical Group Supervisor
Tickle, Craig Edward March-90 New Zealand Industry Senior Engineer
Morley, Neil June-90 Neustar Inc. VP Data Science/ Analytical Product Development
Eggleston, James E. March-93 XXX XXX
Huemer, Peter E. March-93 XXX XXX
Kuan, William December-93 Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems Principal Systems Engineer
Xu, Mingjie December-93 Boeing Engineer
Abelson, Robert March-95 Jet Propulsion Lab / NASA Engineer
Sherman, Faiz June-95 Proctor & Gamble Technical Vice President
Freeze, Brent Anthony June-95 XXX XXX
Konkachbaev, Askar December-99 Rainbird, Inc. Engineer
Quan, Sandy March-01 Honeywell, Co. Engineer
Calderoni, Pattrick June-01 Idaho National Laboratory National Technical Director
Burris, Jonathan March-02 San Diego Fluid System Technologies, Swagelok Director of Engineering
Abdou-Sena, Ali Ahmed September-03 Karlsruhe Institute of Tech, Germany Engineer
Luo, Xiaoyong December-03 AEZ Investment Inc. Founder and President
Tajima, Yu December-06 Kobelco Compressors America Inc. Technical Sales Manager
Takeuchi, Junichi December-06 XXX XXX
Papp, Daniel June-08 XXX XXX
Hunt, Ryan Matthew November-08 Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL) Post-Doctoral Scholar
Di Sanzo, Christian Diego September-09 McKinsey & Company Management Consultant
Zhang, Hongjie March-10 NVIDIA- Autonomous Vehicle Perception Software Engineer
Reed, Robert Julian September-10 XXX XXX