Meeting 6 Presentations


All presentations are available below in pdf format. For your convenience, all of the presentations are available in a single zipped file:

Session I: Study Status and Direction (Chair: Sam Berk)
Abdou Welcome and Opening Remarks
Wong Introduction and Background of the US/Japan FHPD workshop
Toda (Tohoku) Introduction to Japanese Participants
Berk OFES Remarks
Abdou Status and Direction of APEX Study
Youssef APEX Secretary’s Announcements

Session II: EVOLVE and APPLE Concepts and Related Japanese Activities (Chair: Mattas)
Mattas/Malang EVOLVE Concept: Overview and Status
Mattas/Mogahed Heat Transfer Considerations
Sawan Shield Requirements and Neutronics Parameters:
Fogarty/Nelson Configuration
Najumdar/Mattas Structural Configurations
Toda/Hashizume (Tohoku Univ.) Applicability of Liquid Metal Mist Cooling for High Heat Flux Systems
Toda/Hashizume (Tohoku Univ.) High-Heat-Flux Heat Removal by Evaporated Fluid in Porous Media
Sze/Tillack APPLE Concepts: Recent Development of the APPLE Concept
Sze/Igor Configuration
Shimizu (Kyushu Univ.) Perspective of Forming High Efficiency Energy Conversion System Using Particulate or Suspension Medium
Yokomine (Kyushu Univ.) Some Issues Related to the Simulation of Dense Particulate Systems

Session III: He-Cooled Refractory Metal FW/Blanket/Divertor Concept (Chair: Wong/Nygren)
Wong Thermal Hydraulics of the APEX He-Cooled FW/Blanket Design
Takase (JAERI) Heat Transfer Charactersitics in Helium-Cooling Porous Channels
Nygren Update on Design and Manufacturing Plan for He-Cooled Heat Sink
Fogarty/Nelson Mechanical Design for Helium-Cooled Refractory Material FW/Blanket Concept
Youssef Damage Indices in He-Cooled Refractory Alloys FW/Blanket -Comparison for Solid and Liquid Walls

Session IV: Materials and Data Base Evaluation (Chair: Zinkle/Ghoniem)
Zinkle Oxygen Pressure Limits for V, Nb and Ta Alloys and Overview of Experimental Data Base on Sn Corrosion
Ghoniem Oyxgen Pressure and Temperature Limits for Mo and W Base Alloys

Session V: Plasma Interface Issues (Chair: Meade)
Uchimoto (UCLA) Self-Consistent Transport Analysis of Impurity from Liquid Wall Surface
Ezato (JAERI) Numerical Analyses of Run-Away Electrons onto Plasma Facing Components, Ezato (JAERI)

Sessions VI: Safety, Reliability, and Tritium Issues (Chair: Sze/McCarthy)
McCarthy/Petti Progress in Understanding Safety Issues in Various APEX Designs
McCarthy/Petti Recent Evaluation of Sn-Li from Safety Viewpoint
Cadwallader Fusion Components Reliability Issues
Khater Activation Analysis of Several HPD Concepts:
APPLE Concept
Evolve Concept
He-Cooled Refractory Alloy Concept
Takase (JAERI) Thermal-Hydraulic Characteristics During Transient Events in Fusion Reactors

Sessions VII: Liquid Wall Concepts (Chair: Morley/Nelson)
Morley Progress on CLIFF Concept for Advanced Tokamaks
Smolentsev Studies of MHD Film Flows and Heat Transfer and Their Applications to CLIFF Concept
Gulec Initial Exploration of Rotational Flow in an Advanced Tokamak Configuration
Ying Progress on the Minimum Structure GMD Thick Liquid Wall Concepts for Advanced Tokamak Configurations
Woolley Electromagnetic Liquid Metal Wall Phenomena
Moir Liquid Walled FRC Progress Report
Gulec Progress on SWIRL Concepts for FRC and ST
Toda/Hashizume (Tohoku Univ.) Enhanced Heat Transfer for FLiBe Blanket System Using Swirl Flow Method
Fogarty/Nelson Flowing Liquid: GMD,CLIFF, and FRC CAD Modeling and Concepts
Youssef Can We Improve the Potential of Li-Sn Liquid for Tritium Breeding? Activation Issues Involved.
M. Takahashi (TIT) Recent Reserach Activities on Liquid Metal MHD Phenomena in Japan
M. Takahashi (TIT) Liquid Metal MHD Flow and Heat Transfer

Sessions VIII: Special FHPD Session (Chair: Toda/Wong)
Kunugi (Univ. of Tokai) Numerical Simulation of Melting and Evaporation Due to Ultra-Short-Pulse Laser Irradiation
Toda/Hashizume (Tohoku Univ.) A High Temperature FLiBe Loop Developed in Tohoku University in Collaboration with NIFS
Written bu Terai (Univ. of Tokyo), Presented by S. Toda Present Status of Liquid Blanket Chemistry Study in Japan and Propsal to Japan-US Collaboration
Suzuki In-pile Experiments on Tritium Release from FLiBe

Session IX: Evaluation Criteria For APEX Concepts (Chair: Sawan/Malang)
Sawan Evaluation Criteria

Session X: “Hot Issues” (Chair: Abdou)
Discussion of These Issues of High Priority for APEX
Discussion of “Snowmass-type” Hot Topics

Session XI: Study Direction for APEX and Action Items (Chair: Abdou)
Interim Report Outline and Schedule
Competitive Proposals Process
Future Directions and Comments
Next Meeting Plans
Meade Status of “FIRE” (Seminar in Hacienda Room)

Session XII: Fusion High Power Density Workshop (Cont’d):(Chair: Nygren/Sagara)
Wong The Meaning of High Power Density for Tokamak Reactors
Nygren Development of Tungsten Brush Armor
Ezato (JAERI) Development of High Heat Flux Components in JAERI
Sagara (NIFS) Recent Studies of LHD Type Reactor
Motojima (NIFS) Present Status of LHD
Baxi Relationship Between Incident Heat Flux and Coolant Channel Heat Flux for Peaked Profiles

Session XIII: Fusion High Power Density Workshop (Cont’d):(Chair: Toda/Wong)
Toda/Wong FHPD Workshop Collaboration
Berk/Sze/Motojima US-Japan Collaboration