Meeting 4 Presentations

All presentations are available below in pdf format. For your convenience, all of the presentations are available in a single zipped file:
Session I: Study Status and Rational 
Session II: Analysis of Promising HPD Concepts for APEX
Morley/Kothe/Hadid CFD Tools: TELLURIDE and MHD Codes
Flowing Li2O Particulate Blanket Concept (APPLE)
Evaporation Spray Cooling Concept (ESCC)
He-Cooled Refractory Metal FW/Blanket/Divertor Concept
Nelson Mechanical Design and Configuration
Session III: Materials and Data Base Evaluation (Chair: Richard Nygren)
Zinkle/El-Azab/Ghoniem Properties of High Temperature Refractory Metals:
– Temperature Limits
– Costs
Ghoniem/Sze/Zinkle Compatibility of High Temperature Refractory Metals with Coolants:
Session IV (Special Session) Common Design Issues in APEX and ALPS (Chair: Dai Kai Sze)
Session V: APEX Process and Organization (Chairs: Mohamed Abdou and Mark Tillack)
Abdou Suggestions on APEX Process, Organization, and Schedule
Tillack Suggestions and Plans for Evaluation Criteria on APEX
Issues and Tasks