Meeting 2 Presentations


All presentations are available below in pdf format. For your convenience, all of the presentations are available in a single zipped file:

Session I: Study Status
M. Abdou Status and Issues

Session II: Mechanical Design, Configuration, Reliability, and First Wall Considerations
B. Nelson APEX Mechanical Design Considerations

Session III: Materials Data Base and Limits
S. Zinkle/A. El-Azab Structural Materials Database and Operating Temperature Limits
Majumdar/Mattas Evaluation of Heat Load Limits
C. Wong Simple Analysis of Wall Thickness Versus Heat Flux of Helium Cooled Tube

Session IV: Preliminary Analysis of Promising High Power Density and New Concepts
N. Morley Design Issues and Analysis of Liquid Wall Concepts Protection
N. Morley Hydraulic Analysis of Liquid Surface First Walls
M. Youssef Surface and Volumetric Heat Deposition in Liquid-Protected FW
A. El-Azab Thermomechanical Benefits of Porous/Liquid FW Structure
A. Ying Dependence of Liquid Surface Temperature on Turbulence Enhancement and Radiation Penetration
R. Woolley Numerical Simulation of Free-Surface Liquid Lithium Flows in Tokamak Toroidal Geometry
Sze, et al. The Li2O Particulate Blanket Concept
Sze Power Conversion Issues
Sawan/El-Guebaly New Ideas for First Wall Cooling
N. Ghoniem New First Wall Design Concepts Utilizing Porous Structure

Session V: Physics Interface
Meade Plasma Operation and Interface Issues
Hirooka/Tillack/Grossman Steady State Particle Control and Heat Removal by Moving Belt PFC’s
K. McCarthy Safety Issues