Meeting 5 Presentations


Session I: Study Status and Direction (Chair: Sam Berk)
Abdou Status
Session II: APPLE and EVOLVE Concepts (Chair: Richard Mattas)
APPLE Concept:
Igo Configuration and Engineering
EVOLVE Concept:
Mattas/Malang Status of EVOLVE
Session III: Liquid Wall Concepts (Chairs: Neil Morley and Brad Nelson)
Session IV: He-Cooled Refractory Metal FW/Blanket/Divertor Concept (Chair: Mahmoud Youssef)
Session V: Materials and Data Base Evaluation (Chair: Steve Zinkle)
(including volatile oxidation of Mo, W, oxygen partial pressure vs. temperature limits)
Session VI: FRC Configuration (Chair: Robert Woolley)
Gulec/Moir/Santarus FRC Design Status
Session VII: Plasma Interface Issues (Chair: Richard Mattas)
Nygren Summary of Japanese Activities on Liquid Metal Studies
Session VIII: Evaluation Criteria and Discussion on Concepts (Chairs: M. Abdou and M. Sawan)
Session IX: Key Issues and Plans (Chairs: Mahmoud Youssef and Mohamed Sawan)
Morley CLIFF (15 min)
Mattas/Malang EVOLVE (15 min)
McCarthy Safety (10 min)
Hassanein Plasma Disruption (10 min)
Session X: Study Direction (Session Chair: Mohamed Abdou)
10:45 a.m.
– Comments and Suggestions on Future Directions
– Interim Report Outline and Schedule Solicitation of New Ideas
– Competitive Proposals Process
– Next Meeting Plans
– Plans for US-Japan Workshops