Meeting 3 Presentations

All presentations are available below in pdf format. For your convenience, all of the presentations are available in a single zipped file:

Session I: Study Status and Rational
S. Berk Introductory Remarks
M. Abdou Introductory Remarks
Kotschenreuther Designs for High Power Density Devices
M. Youssef Secretary’s Announcements

Session II: Analysis of Promising HPD Concepts for APEX
N. Morley Analyses of Liquid Wall Concepts
K. Gulec Fluid Stability Issues
A. Ying Analysis and Modeling of Thick Liquid Wall Concept
A. Ying Plans and Resources for Thick Liquid Wall Concept
A. El-Azab (Ghoniem) Mechanics of Porous Materials and Assessment of Porous FW Concept
M. Youssef Structure Damage Rates in Liquid Layer Concepts
Woolley Free-Surface LM Flow in Tokamaks
Hadid CFD Development for Free Surface Liquid Flows in APEX
Sze The Li2O Particulate Blanket Concept and Power Cycle/Configuration and Maintenance
Sawan/Khater Nuclear Analysis of the Li2O Particulate Concept
C. Wong He-Cooled FW/Blanket Concepts – Functional Requirement/Critical Issues
Malang Innovative Vaporization Concepts – Spray Cooling of the First Wall
Nygren Issues in FW/Divertor He-Cooled Design for HPD
Kotschenreuther Liquid Wall Considerations
M. Youssef Impact of Li-6 Enrichment on Heating and Damage Rates in Structure of Thick LM Concepts
Sawan Extrapolation of ICF Chamber Neutronics to Thick LM Concept
Khater Activation Analysis for Thick LM Concept

Session III: Mechanical Design, Configuration, Reliability, and First Wall Considerations
Nelson APEX Mechanical Design Considerations

Session IV: Materials Data Base and Limits
A. El-Azab Neutron Wall Load Limits for Some Refractory Materials
Zinkle/Ghoniem Properties of High Temperature Refractory Metals
Zinkle Chemical Compatibility and Radiation Effects Issues in High Temperature Refractory Metals
Nelson/Zinkle/Tillack Impact of Ferromagnetism of Materials on Fusion Reactors Design
Kotschenreuther Risks from Low Activation Materials
McCarthy An Overview of Safety and Environmental Issues for APEX

Session V: Physics Interface
Mattas Summary of Alps Activities
Kotschenreuter Reducing Liquid Wall Surface Temperature with Plasma Instability
Meade Plasma Operation and Interface Issues
Moir Edge Plasma Calculations