Thursday, October 27, 2005
11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Pacific (2 p.m. – 5 p.m. Eastern)


Mohamed Abdou’s presentation (v2)
Neil Morley’s presentation (v2)
Rick Kurtz’ “Quick Look Report” and “FS Dev Paths”
Clement Wong’s collected DCLL presentations
Clement Wong’s DCLL costing summary
Alice Ying’s HCCB file
Shahram’s structural analysis VGs
Tom Mann’s presentation

October Briefing (v2)
DCLL Reference Design Summary
HCCB Summary
HCCB Summary Supplement
HCCB WBS Level 6 R&D
DCLL WBS Dictionary

Introduction (25 minutes)
Abdou – Introductory Remarks
Zinkle/Rowcliffe/Kurtz – Summary of material fact finding trip to the EU

R&D Tasks (15 minutes)
(Call coordinator: Morley)
Morley – Summary of developments in R&D task planning for the DCLL
Rowcliffe/Kurtz – FS Fabrication R&D initial plan, schedule, costing

DCLL Engineering, Design, and Ancillary Equipment (75 minutes)
(Call coordinator: Wong)
Wong – WBS structure and cost summary
Dagher – Mechanical design and TBM Interface
Rowcliffe/Kurtz – FS engineering and fabrication
Sawan/Youssef – Neutronics
Smolentsev – T/H MHD
Sviatoslavsky – Thermofluid He
Sharafat- Structural analysis
Wong – Helium Flow Loop
Pint – PbLi Flow Loop
Willms – Tritium Processing
Dagher – System Integration

HCCB (25 minutes)
(Call coordinator: Ying)
Ying – HCCB test submodule
Calderoni – Ancillary Equipment

Cross Cutting (10 minutes)
Merrill – Safety Report

Wrap Up (30 minutes)
Nardella – DOE remarks
Mann – Initial feedback
Abdou – Next steps, physical meeting, action items
General discussion