2006 US-Japan Workshop on Fusion High Power Density Components and Systems (HPDCS)
15–17 November 2006
Inn on the Alameda, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Wednesday, Nov. 15

Informal Meeting
16:00 Welcome and Exchange of Information All Participants

Thursday, Nov. 16

Session 1 Blanket Concepts (Chair: Hashizume)
8:30 Opening GA/Tohoku U. Wong/Hashizume
9:00 DCLL TBM design GA Wong
9:50 Advanced Liquid Blanket Research Activities in NIFS and Collaborations NIFS Sagara

Session 2 Thermofluid Issues (Chair: Nygren)
11:00 Thermofluid experiment of molten salt using the TNT loop Tohoku U. Hashizume
11:40 Review of Thermofluid/MHD activities for DCLL UCLA Smolentsev
12:20 LUNCH
13:30 JUPITER-II thermofluid experiments with/without magnetic field Kyoto U. Kunugi
14:15 Lithium Free Surface Flow and Wave Height Experiment Osaka U. Horiike

Session 3 US Activities (Chair: Sagara)
15:20 DCLL R&Ds UCLA Morley(Wong)
16:00 DCLL Sub-module Tests SNL Nygren
16:40 DCLL Tritium Extraction LANL Willms

Friday, Nov. 17

Session 4 Japanese Activities (Chair: Smolentsev)
9:30 Design activities of high temperature, high heat and neutron flux irradiation test module of IFMIF Kyushu U. Shimizu
10:15 Research on tungsten plasma facing materials in Japan Osaka U. Ueda
11:00 Development of prototype demountable SC magnet Tohoku U. Hashizume
11:45 General discussion on the technical issues of HPD and PSI , and status and technical areas for potential liquid breeder TBM collaborations All
12:20 Next Meeting
12:30 Closing