ITER TBM Project Meeting at UCLA
February 23-25, 2004
Rice Room (Boelter Hall, Rm. 6764)

Monday, February 23rd, 2004

SESSION I: Overview
Chair/Co-Chair:Sam Berk
8:45-9:00 am DOE Perspective S. Berk
9:00-9:20 am Informal Briefing on ITER C. Baker
9:15-9:55 am Overview (35 minutes) M. Abdou
9:55-10:40 am EU Designs and Efforts on ITER TBM (45 minutes) L. Boccaccini
10:40- 10:55 am BREAK
10:55 -11:35 am Possible Contributions of US Material Program to ITER TBM S. Zinkle
11:35 am -12:00 pm Discussion
12:00 pm LUNCH

SESSION II: He-Cooled LiPb Designs Session
Chair/Co-Chair: : L. Boccaccini/ R. Nygren
1:15- 1:45 pm Conceptual Design of a Typical EU HCLL Demo Blanket Module (30 minutes) W. Farabolini
1:45pm- 2:15pm Tritium Control and Management in the HCLL Blanket System (30 minutes) W. Farabolini
2:15- 2:30 pm Discussion (15 minutes)

SESSION III: Special Issue Groups
Chair/Co-Chair: S. Malang/R. Nygren
G.1 Tritium Permeation
2:30 pm Issue, Plan and Progress (25 minutes) D-K. Sze
2:55 pm Review of Tritium Permeation Barriers from Other technologies (30 minutes) R. Causey
3:25-3:40 pm BREAK
3:40 pm Review of Tritium Permeation Barrier Development for fusion in EU (40 minutes) J. Konys
4:20-4:35pm Discussion (15 minutes)
G.2 MHD Pressure Drop Reduction for Liquid Metal Concepts (Li, LiPb)
4:35 pm Technical Strategies (30 minutes) N. Morley
5:05 pm Progress on Coatings and Laminated Insulation (30 minutes) B. Pint
5:05-5.20 pm Electromagnetic Interaction of the Blanket and the Plasma (15 minutes) Kotschenreuther
5.20-5:35 pm Discussion (10 minutes) ALL
6:00 -pm ADJOURN
* Directions to Boelter Hall & the Rice Room: Enter the Engineering IV building and take the elevator to the 4th floor (where Prof. Abdou’s office is located). As you get out of the Engineering IV elevator, turn right. You will see a set of glass doors at the end of the hallway. Go through these doors and across the bridge to Boelter Hall. Enter Boelter Hall and continue to walk straight. You will immediately see an elevator on your left hand side. Take the elevator to the 6th floor. The Rice Room (rm. 6764) is directly across from the elevators.

Tuesday, February 24th, 2004

SESSION IV: Molten Salts
Chair/Co-Chair: S. Zinkle/C. Wong
8:45 am Key issues and plan (25 minutes) C. Wong
9:10 am Initial Designs for a) self-cooled FLiNaBe and b) Dual-coolant: He-cooled structure with self-cooled flibe blanket. Both a and b with Be multiplier and ferritic steel, Pb an alternative (40 minutes) S. Malang
9:50 am Configurations (15 minutes) Dagher/Fogarty
10:05 am Nuclear Performance (10 minutes) M. Sawan
10:15 am Thermal Hydraulics (15 minutes) S. Smolentsev
10:30-10:45 am BREAK
10:45 am Relevant MSRE Experience (25 minutes) C. Wong/Merrill
11:10 am Perspectives on top level issues for Molten Salts from Materials perspective (15 minutes) S. Zinkle
11:25 am Redox experiments at INEEL and future plans (20 minutes) D. Petti
11:45 am Experimental efforts in melting Flinabe mixtures (20 minutes) R. Nygren
12:05 noon LUNCH

SESSION V: Other Special Issues
Chair/Co-Chair: : D. Petti/M. Sawan
G.3 Tritium: Breeding Potential, Supply, and Cost
1:15 pm Summary of Recent Neutronics Integral Experiments on C/E (10 minutes) M. Youssef
1:25 pm Tritium Supply and Costs (20 minutes) S. Willms
1:45 pm Discussion (5 minutes)
G.4 Structural Engineering
1:50 pm How to design, calculate and develop realistic 3-D Structural Engineering Design for a blanket test module (including welds, joints, code criteria, etc.) (25 minutes) Blanchard/Majumdar
2:15 pm First Step Toward Realistic 3-D Thermomechanical Model (20 minutes) S. Sharafat
2:35 pm BREAK (15 minutes)
G.5 Corrosion Issue
2:50 pm Plans for Evaluation and Available Data Base (Provide interface temperature limits) (30 minutes) Zinkle/Pint
3:20 pm Corrosion data and barriers from EU experience (25 minute) J. Konys
3:45 pm Initial Step for Corrosion Transport Model (10 minutes) S. Smolentsev
3:55 pm Discussion (5 minutes)

Tuesday, February 24th, 2004 (cont.)

SESSION VI: Solid Breeders
Chair/Co-Chair: B. Merrill/ Morley
4:00 pm Progress on Solid Breeder Test Program and Needs for TBWG (45 minutes- was given Wednesday) A. Ying

SESSION VII: Team Discussion
Chair/Co-Chair: M. Abdou/M. Sawan
4:45 pm Discussion on US Strategy for ITER TBM

Wednesday, February 25th, 2004

SESSION VIII: Japanese Universities’ Activities Related to ITER TBM (Combined Session with US-Japan Workshop)
Chair/Co-Chair: : S. Tanaka/D. Sze
8:30 am Overview of fusion blanket R&D in Japan S. Tanaka
R&D activities on flibe blanket in Japan A. Sagara
Japanese universities’ perspective on Li/V blanket module test T. Muroga
Water-cooled solid breeder TBM R&D in Japan A. Kimura
Material and System design studies of High Temperature gas-cooled solid breeder blanket module A. Hasegawa
Future Blanket and Reactor Studies S. Konishi
11:00 am BREAK

SESSION IX: Concluding Session
Chair/Co-Chair: M. Abdou/M. Sawan
11:15 am Discussion on Technical Issues and Strategy
Near-Term Action items
12:00- 1:00pm “Box Lunch” and continued discussions
1:00 pm ADJOURN

NOTES: Other meetings, also to be held at UCLA in the same location, following the conclusion of the US ITER TBM meeting are:
* US-Japanese Universities joint meeting on ITER TBM is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. D. Sze is organizing.
* JUPITER-II Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday and Friday. S. Zinkle and D. Sze are organizing