Meeting 7 Presentation


Session I: Overview (Session Chairs: Meade and Berk)
Meade PPPL Welcome and Announcements
Berk DOE Remarks
Abdou APEX Overview
Mattas ALPS Overview

Session II: Plasma-Liquid Interactions (Session Chairs: Meade and Brooks)
Brooks Summary Status of Task Group for ALPS/APEX Plasma-Liquid Surface Interaction
Rognlien Results and Issues for Plasma-Liquid First Wall Surface Interactions
Hassanein Disruption Effects on Liquid First Wall
Ulrickson Vacuum Pumping and Liquid/Divertor Issues
Meade, Jardin, Woolley, Ulrickson,
Moir, Majeski Panel Brief Presentations and Key Issues for Plasma-Liquid “Bulk” Interactions
(plasma startup and control, error field, Bremsstrahlung radiation spectrum, etc.)

Session III: Liquid Wall Modelling and Design (Session Chairs: Morley and Nygren)
Gulec Progress of FRC and ST Liquid Wall Designs
Gulec Penetration Issues for Liquid Wall Concepts
Morley Hydrodynamics and MHD Modelling for the CLIFF Concepts
Woolley EM-Restrained Liquid Metal Concepts
Nelson/Fogarty Mechanical Design for Liquid Wall Concepts
Mattas Summary of the IEA Workshop

Session III Continued: Liquid Wall Modelling and Design (Session Chairs: Morley and Nygren)
McCarthy Update on APEX Safety Issues
Evaporation from Liquid Walls
Evaporation Rate for APEX
Magnetic Field Interaction
Ying Design, Analysis and Status of Liquid Wall Concepts for Toroidal Systems
Smolentsev Effect of Magnetic Field on Turbulent Heat Transfer in Flibe Free Surface
Nygren, Ulrickson Issues of Integrating a Divertor into an All Liquid Metal System
Youssef Improving the Potential of Sn-Li for T Breeding
Khater Activation Analysis for Liquid Wall Concepts
Sze Comparison of Liquid Candidates: Li, Sn Li, and Flibe and Issues

Session IV: High-Temp. Refractory Concepts (Session Chairs: Wong and Malang)
Mattas Progress on EVOLVE Concept
Malang After-Heat Removal in EVOLVE
Wong W-He-Cooled Concept
Nygren Thermal Stress Calculations
Nelson, Fogarty
Mechanical Design for EVOLVE
He-Cooled Concepts
Youssef Neutronics of the CLIFF Concept
Sawan 2-D Neutronics for EVOLVE
Khater Activation for Refractory Concepts and Shield Selection to Minimize Wastes

Session V: Materials (Session Chairs: Wiffen and Zinkle)
Zinkle Radiation Embrittlement Data Base
Ghoniem, Sarafat Design Temperature Windows for Refractory Alloys
Wiffen, Zinkle, Ghoniem, and Mattas Discussion on Material Issues

Session VI: Special Session (Session Chair: Sze)
Sze US-Monbusho Collaboration
Kaita Experiments on CDX-U

Session VII: APEX Interim Report (Session Chair: Youssef and Sawan)
Youssef Report Outline
Abdou, Sawan, Ying, Woolley,
Morley, Sze, Mattas, McCarthy, Others Status Reports from the Principal Authors of Each Chapter

Session VIII: Summary Issues and FY 2000 Plan and Budgets
ALL Discussion on Summary of Key Technical Issues
Abdou Plan for FY 2000