10–11 May 2006
Rice Room, UCLA


(Word document available here)

Wednesday, May 10

TBM Program Directions
9:00 am 30 min Status of TBWG activities, Action Items, Program Direction Abdou

DCLL TBM design parameters
9:30 am 30 min TBM and DCLL design strategy, parameters update, and potential critical issues Wong
10:00 am 30 min DCLL TBMs experimental goals and schedule strawman – what tests do we want to run and what scenarios need analysis? Morley
10:30 am 15 min Break
10:45 am 30 min Comments on design strategy Malang, Morley

DCLL Design and testing discussions
11:15 am 45 min Mechanical Design Dagher/Fogarty/All
12:00 pm 60 min Box Lunch
1:00 pm 30 min ITER Project Manager briefing
Call-in number: (310) 825-9375 Sauthoff
1:30 pm 30 min DOE briefing
Call-in number: (310) 825-9375 Nardella
2:00 pm 30 min Discussions with Nardella and Sauthoff All

DCLL Design and testing discussions (Cont)
2:30 pm 45 min Flow channel insert fabrication, next steps Katoh/All
3:15 pm 15 min Break
3:30 pm 60 min DCLL/HCCB module fabrication and plan Kurtz/Rowcliffe/All
4:30 pm 60 min He and PbLi heat transfer and modeling Sviatoslavsky/ Smolentsev
5:30 pm 90 min DCLL Thermal Hydraulics Subgroup Meeting
7:00 pm Group Dinner (Faculty Center)

Thursday, May 11

8:30 am 90 min Fabrication subgroup (Wong, Malang, Kurtz, Nygren, Dagher, Morley, Sharafat)
10:00 am 15 min Break

TBM Technical Planning and Costing Report Update
10:15 am 40 min New costing cases and report status Cost Coordinators
10:55 am 30 min Next step plans for review preparation Mann
11:25 am 35 min Discussion on plans and assignments All

Critical Issues, Tasks Discussion and Assignments
12:00 pm 60 min DCLL Critical Issues, Tasks and Assignments All/Wong/Morley
1:00 pm 60 min Box Lunch

HCCB design and technical report
2:00 pm 10 min HCCB design status Ying
2:10 pm 20 min Mechanical design update Hunt
2:30 pm 20 min He thermofluid analysis for manifold Narula
2:50 pm 10 min Solid breeder thermomechanics/in pile experiments: Status and plan Katoh/Ying
3:00 pm 15 min Break
3:15 pm 15 min Safety analysis Reyes
3:30 pm 15 min HCCB discussion Ying/ALL

Other Technical Reports
3:45 pm 20 min ITER Design Neutronics, CAD update Sawan
4:05 pm 15 min Attilla Youssef
4:20 pm 40 min Discussion on US position in the IEA Liquid Breeder Workshop All/Sze
5:00 pm 30 min Concluding Remarks Abdou
5:30 pm ?? min Mechanical Design Subgroup Wong, Malang, Dagher, Fogarty

Additional Presentations Not on the Agenda:

DCLL TBM Safety Summary