14–15 February 2007
Rice Room, UCLA
Agenda and Presentations

(Agenda Word document available here)

Wednesday, February 14

8:30 am 30 min Continental Breakfast

Session I Chair: R. Nygren
9:00 am 10 min Introductory Remarks / Meeting Objectives Abdou
9:10 am 20 min DOE Briefing Nardella
9:30 am 60 min Export Control Issues Pat Schlesinger/Ann Pollack (UC)
(Export Control Quick Guide here)
10:30 am 30 min Status of TBM Review Committee Report Morley
11:00 am 30 min Status of TBM Interface Requirements Wong
(RH Procedure here)
11:30 am 30 min Questions and Comments
(including discussion on the preparation for the final report)
12:00 pm 60 min LUNCH – boxed lunches

Session II Chair: N. Morley
Technical Progress in Key Areas
(time allocated including discussion)
1:00 pm 30 min DCLL Mechanical Design Dagher/Wong
1:30 pm 30 min Status of MHD/Heat Transfer Analysis for DCLL Smolentsev
2:00 pm 30 min Structural Material Fabrication (including Plan for JUPITER-3) Kurtz/Rowcliffe
2:30 pm 30 min Safety and Licensing for US TBMs Merrill
3:00 pm 15 min Break
3:15 pm 30 min FCI: Thermo-Structural Sharafat
3:45 pm 30 min CFD/Thermofluid Analysis (20 min) Narula/Sviatoslavsky
Achieving Uniform Flow Distribution in the DCLL TBM First Wall (10 min) Sviatoslavsky
4:15 pm 30 min Neutronics Analysis
DCLL Nuclear Analysis Activities and Plan (10 min) Sawan
– CAD Modeling for 3D Neutronics (10 min) Sviatoslavsky
Summary of Nuclear Input for Safety Analysis (10 min) Youssef
(Nuclear Optimization of the HCCB TBM here)
4:45 pm 30 min Recent Progress on HCCB Ying
(Stress video here)
5:15 pm 15 min Comments
5:30 pm Adjourn
6:00 pm Faculty Center – Valentine’s Day Buffet

Thursday, February 15

8:30 am 30 min Continental Breakfast

Session III Chair: R. Kurtz
R&D Progress in Key Areas
9:00 am 15 min FCI-SiC/SiC Katoh
9:15 am 15 min Status of DCLL MHD Experiments Messadek
9:30 am 15 min Status of DCLL Manifold Modeling Ni
9:45 am 5 min MHD study in JUPITER-III Morley
9:50 am 15 min Tritium Research in JUPITER III Sharpe/Sze
10:05 am 15 min Liquid Metal Compatibility Experiments Pint
10:20 am 15 min PbLi Tritium R&D Willms
10:35 am 10 min Break

Session IV Chair: A. Ying
Special Issues
10:45 am 20 min DCLL Aspect of Engineering Scaling Morley
11:05 am 20 min Status of DCLL Submodule Design Concept Wong
11:25 am 15 min Livermore Contribution Meier
11:40 am 20 min A Brief Review of the FWQ Mockup Test Program Nygren/Ulrickson
12:00 pm 60 min LUNCH – boxed lunches
1:00 pm 30 min Brush Wellman and Beryllium Technology C. Dorn
Discussion on TBWG March Meeting Preparation
1:30 pm 30 min US Status, Community Support, and Progress on International Collaboration Abdou
2:00 pm 75 min TBWG March Meeting Preparation All
3:15 pm 15 min Break
3:30 pm 90 min Questions, Comments, Discussion
5:00 pm Adjourn