Meeting 1: Agenda and Presentations

Meeting 1 Presentations


For your convenience, all of the presentations are available in a single zipped file:

Session I: Study Scope and Objective

Sam Berk OFES Vision of APEX
M. Abdou Motivation, Scope, and Preliminary Approach for APEX
M. Youssef APEX Secretary Plans

Session II: Key Limitations of Present Concepts
M. Youssef Peak to Average Wall Load
A. El-Azab Limitations of Current Concepts in Handling High Power Density
R. Mattas Briefing on ALPS Activity
C. Wong Briefing on US-Japan HPD Workshop
C. Wong Need for Physics Connection and Broadening of Attitude

Session III: Preliminary Examples of High Power Density Concepts
N. Morley Free Liquid Surface FW and Blanket Concepts for High Power Density Reactors
A. Ying Can the Use of Latent Heat Transport Mechanisms Fulfill the Heat Extraction Function in a High Neutron Wall Load Fusion Device?
R. Moir Suggestions for Concepts
D.K. Sze Suggested Concepts
R. Woolley Use of Liquid Lithium as Self-Protecting FW
C. Wong Design Examples for High Power Density Concepts
D. Clemens & J. Yuen Lessons from Existing Non-Fusion High Power Density Concepts: Experience from Rocket Engines*
N. Ghoniem Lessons from Existing Non-Fusion High Power Density Concepts: Metal Foams for Rocket Engines
*Due to its large size, this file is zipped.

Session IV: How to Effectively Stimulate New Concepts
S. Zinkle Possible Materials for High Wall Loading
A. El-Azab Stimulating Innovation Through Pursuit of Engineering Science Logic

Session V: Identification of APEX Study Approach
M. Abdou Study Approach Presentation

Session VI: Tasks and Planning Group
M. Abdou Planning Group Presentation