Fusion Science and Technology Center

STARFIRE Report: Volume 1 Table of Contents

Links go to scanned PDFs of chapters. More chapters will become available over time. A single-file version of this volume will also be available soon.

Cover Pages
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
2.STARFIRE Overview
3.Study Conclusions
4.Table of Design Parameters
5.Rationale for Key Design Selections
6.Plasma Engineering
7.Plasma Heating and Current Drive System
8.Plasma Impurity Control and Exhaust (Limiter/Vacuum System)
10.First-Wall / Blanket
11.Radiation Shielding and Vacuum Boundary
13.Heat Transfer and Energy Conversion
14.Tritium Systems
15.Electrical Storage and Power Supplies
16.Support Structure
18.Instrumentation and Control
19.Maintenance and Operation
20.Balance of Plant Design
21.Safety and Environmental Analysis
22.Economic Analysis
23.Plant Contruction
A.Utility Interface
B.Vacuum System Conductance Modeling
C.Resource Requirements
D.STARFIRE Seismic Analysis
E.Materials Database
F.Tritium Dose Calculations
G.Corrosion Products in the Primary Coolant Loop
H.Additional Electromagnetic Considerations
I.Modeling of ECRH Startup