APEX/TBM Project Meeting

November 3-5, 2003


Rice Room* (Boelter Hall, Rm. 6764)



APEX Session

Monday, November 3


Session I Chair: Sam Berk


DOE Report                                                                    Berk                       1:00-1:30 pm


Meeting Overview                                                           Abdou                    1:30-2:00 pm


Status of APEX Papers                                                   Sawan                    2:00-2:10 pm


Session II Chair: Robert Kaita


Task Leader  Reports:

Summary and status of work, status of papers,

what should be done over the next 3 months,

and lessons learned.


                        Task I                                                     Ying                       2:10-2:40 pm

                        ALIST                                                    Ulrickson                2:40-2:55 pm


Break                                                                                                           2:55-3:05 pm


                        Task II                                                    Morley                   3:05-3:30 pm

                        Task III                                                   Sze                         3:30-4:00 pm

                        Task IV                                                   Wong                     4:00-4:30 pm     

  Task V                                                  Kotshenreother       4:30-4:50 pm

                        Task A                                                    Rognlien                 4:50-5:10 pm

                        Task B                                                    Kaita                      5:10-5:25 pm


Discussion of possible future plans for APEX                   All                          5:25-6:00 pm




* Directions to Boelter Hall & the Rice Room: Enter the Engineering IV building and take the elevator to the 4th floor (where Prof. Abdou’s office is located).  As you get out of the Engineering IV elevator, turn right.  You will see a set of glass doors at the end of the hallway.  Go through these doors and across the bridge to Boelter Hall.  Enter Boelter Hall and continue to walk straight.  You will immediately see an elevator on your left hand side.  Take the elevator to the 6th floor.  The Rice Room (rm. 6764) is directly across from the elevators.
ITER TBM Session

Tuesday, November 4*


Session III Chair: Mike Ulrickson


Suggested approach and strategy                                     Abdou                    8:30-9:00 am

for ITER Test Blanket Program


Report on TBWG meeting and Discussion       Abdou/Ulrickson/Sze/Ying         9:00-10:00 am


Break                                                                             All                          10:00-10:15 am


Session IV Chair: Clement Wong

Liquid Breeder Study and R&D needs


Discussion of plans to initiate evaluation study

            -What concept is favored? Any?                        All                          10:15-11:15 am

            -Strategy of evaluation study                            


Current R&D in US program, authors address:

            -What is going on and relevance to ITER TBM?

            -What else is needed to evaluate concepts?

            -Who can do the research?


            Tritium control and corrosion issues for                Sze/Petti/Merril    11:15-12:00 pm

            liquid breeder options                                         

Tritium control and corrosion issues for

liquid breeder options(2)


Lunch                                                                             All                          12:00-1:30 pm


Session V Chair: Richard Nygren

Current R&D in US program (cont.)


            Thermofluid MHD issues for liquid                       Morley/                  1:30-2:00 pm     

            breeder options                                                   Smolentsev


            Issues for liquid breeders>                                     Wong/                    2:00-2:30 pm

            identified in APEX task III, IV                             Nygren


            Materials and thermomechanical issues                 Sharafat/                 2:30-3:00 pm

            for liquid breeder designs                                     Ghoniem


            Japanese Perspective on ITER                             Muroga/                 3:00-4:00 pm

            ITER TBM and collaboration                               Terai


Break                                                                             All                          4:00-4:15 pm


Discussion of R&D needed to evaluate

candidate liquid breeder TBM concepts                           All                          4:15-5:30 pm


*There will be a Group Dinner at 7pm
TBM Session

Wednesday, November 5


Session VI Chair: Mohamed Sawan


Solid Breeder Options and R&D needs


Solid breeder R&D issues and possible                            Ying                       8:30-9:15 am

roles for US collaboration in international

test programs


Discussion of R&D needed to develop

candidate solid breeder TBM concepts                            All                          9:15-10:00 am


Break                                                                             All                          10:00-10:15 am


Session VII Chair: Dai-Kai Sze


Overarching Areas for ITER TBM development and testing


Addressing Safety issues in TBM program                       Petti/Merrill            10:15-11:00 am  


Assessing tritium self-sufficiency                                       Sawan                    11:00-11:25 am

with realistic blanket designs


Neutronics R&D needs and                                             Youssef                  11:25-11:45 am

Testing in Fusion Test Facility


Lunch                                                                             All                          11:45-1:00pm


Session VIII Chairs: Charles Baker/M. Abdou

*a telephone number will be provided for off-site participants

Coordination within VLT elements


Discussion of coordination needed within

the blanket community and with other elements

of VLT (material, design, PFC, safety)                             All                          1:00-2:30 pm



Break                                                                             All                          2:30-3:00 pm


General open discussion of plans and approach

for US participation in the ITER TBM program                All                          3:00-4:30 pm


Summary of plan and action items                                    Abdou                    4:30-5:00 pm