2006 US-Japan Workshop on Fusion High Power Density Components and Systems (HPDCS)

15–17 November 2006
Inn on the Alameda, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA


(Word document available here)

Wednesday, Nov. 15

Informal Meeting
16:00Welcome and Exchange of InformationAll Participants

Thursday, Nov. 16

Session 1Blanket Concepts (Chair: Hashizume)
8:30OpeningGA/Tohoku U.Wong/Hashizume
9:00DCLL TBM designGAWong
9:50Advanced Liquid Blanket Research Activities in NIFS and CollaborationsNIFSSagara
Session 2Thermofluid Issues (Chair: Nygren)
11:00Thermofluid experiment of molten salt using the TNT loopTohoku U.Hashizume
11:40Review of Thermofluid/MHD activities for DCLLUCLASmolentsev
13:30JUPITER-II thermofluid experiments with/without magnetic fieldKyoto U.Kunugi
14:15Lithium Free Surface Flow and Wave Height ExperimentOsaka U.Horiike
Session 3US Activities (Chair: Sagara)
15:20DCLL R&DsUCLAMorley
16:00DCLL Sub-module TestsSNLNygren
16:40DCLL Tritium ExtractionLANLWillms

Friday, Nov. 17

Session 4Japanese Activities (Chair: Smolentsev)
9:30Design activities of high temperature, high heat and neutron flux irradiation test module of IFMIFKyushu U.Shimizu
10:15Research on tungsten plasma facing materials in JapanOsaka U.Ueda
11:00Development of prototype demountable SC magnetTohoku U.Hashizume
11:45General discussion on the technical issues of HPD and PSI , and status and technical areas for potential liquid breeder TBM collaborationsAll
12:20Next Meeting