Supporting Documents, Reports, and Papers

Document DescriptionRev. DateLead Author
Summary of Lithium-Lead Alloy Safety Compatibility Tests01/1989D. W. Jeppson
Summary of Physical Properties for Lithium, Pb-17Li, and (LiF)n•BeF2 Coolants07/2000S.Zinkle
Operating temperature windows for fusion reactor structural materials11/29/2000S.Zinkle and N. Ghoniem
Thermophysical and Mechanical Properties of Fe-(8–9%)Cr Reduced Activation Steel07/10/2001S.Zinkle, et al.
A Plan for the Development of Fusion Energy (Final Report to FESAC)03/05/2003
DCLL Ancillary Systems06/30/2004Wong
HCCB Design Description Document07/2005Ying
TBWG ITA Report09/2005Abdou
DCLL Design Description Document11/04/2005Wong/Morley
US ITER Test Blanket Module (TBM) Program - Volume I: Technical Plan and Cost Estimate Summary04/2007Abdou, et al.
Answers to Specific Technical, Programmatic, and Logistical Questions05/2007Abdou, et al.
Preliminary Failure Modes and Effects Analysis of the US DCLL Test Blanket Module08/2007Cadwallader