8–10 March 2006

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(Word document available here)

Wednesday, March 8

Session I: Chairs—Malang and Nygren

9:00 am10 minAbdouMeeting objectives and agenda
9:10 am30 minNardellaDOE perspective
(Telecom briefing with Nardella)
Call-in number: 310-825-5832
9:40 am20 minAbdouTechnical basis for planning and costing
10:00 am80 minMannSummary of cost estimates
11:20 am80 minMorleyDCLL: Technical plan and costing with R&D costing details
12:40 pmLUNCH (catered in room)

Session II: Chairs—Sze and Kurtz

1:30 pm80 minWongDCLL: Technical plan and costing with engineering
and ancillary equipment cost details
2:50 pm40 minDiscussions (including coffee break)
3:30 pm80 minYing / CalderoniHCCB technical plan and costing
4:50 pm40 minDiscussions
5:30 pmADJOURN
6:30 pmGroup dinner (Faculty Center, Sierra Room)

Thursday, March 9

Session III: Chairs—Mann and Morley

9:00 am80 minTourvilleMaster schedule and costing profiles
10:20 am60 minMannPreparation for the DOE review
11:20 am70 minDiscussion on key changes to be made in the report
12:30 pmLUNCH (Faculty Center, Sierra Room)

Session IV: Chairs—Abdou and Sawan

Begin session on preparation for TBWG meeting
1:30 pm15 minAbdouTBWG work status and introduction to what is needed in TBWG
1:45 pm10 minKurtzCollaboration issues on the structure, materials, and fabrication
1:55 pm10 minRowcliffeCollaboration issues on the structure, materials, and fabrication
2:05 pm10 minYingPossible schemes for HCCB collaboration
2:15 pm20 minMalangThoughts on international collaboration
2:35 pm10 minSzeInternational collaboration
2:45 pm105 minALLSuggestions for the team about "practical" areas and ideas
for international collaboration (bi-lateral and/or multi-lateral)

Other members of the team are invited to make or prepare remarks.
Please use vugraphs if possible.
(Each team member should limit his/her remarks to 10 minutes.)
4:30 pmBreak into subgroups
6:00 pmADJOURN

Friday, March 10

Session V: Chairs—Wong and Ying

9:00 am60 minWongProgress on Detailed Conceptual Design for the FIRST TBM: DCLL
10:00 am30 minYing / CalderoniProgress on detailed design for the FIRST TBM design: HCCB
10:30 am30 minDiscussions (including coffee break)
11:00 am60 minTelecom briefing to Nardella/DOE and VLT management
CALL-IN: 310-794-5058
12:00 pm60 minWrap-up discussion and action items
1:00 pmADJOURN