Special ITER-TBM8 Project Meeting (Conference call on US TBM Costing)

October 6, 2005

< Introduction
11:00-11:10 am Abdou Introductory remarks, purpose of the call, status, TBWG
11:10-11:20 am Nardella DOE comments
11:20-11:30 am Abdou Group questions and discussion
DCLL R&D (70 mins.) (Call Coordinator: Morley)
11:30-12:40 pm Merrill: Tritium Permeation
Smolentsev: Thermofluid MHD
Katoh: SiC/SiC Fab Process & Properties
Pint: SiC/PbLi/FS Compatibility
Rowcliffe/Kurtz: FS Box Fabrication & Material Issues (both DCLL and SB)
Wong: Helium Systems Subcomponent Tests
Merrill: PbLi Hydrogen Production
Zinkle: Be Joining to FS
Abdou: Virtual TBM
Morley: Advanced Diagnostics (both DCLL and SB)
Tanaka: Integrated mockup tests DCLL R&D Task Area Reports
Added Later Morley REVISED: DCLL R&D Task Description Document (WBS dictionary for the R&D tasks)
HCCB R&D (40 mins.) (Call Coordinator: Ying)
12:40-1:20 pm Calderoni: Helium flow distribution and manifold testing
Calderoni/Katoh: Solid breeder thermomechanics and T recovery
Ying/Merrill: T control and predictive capability
Zinkle/Kurtz: Development of FS & SS transition element
Tanaka: 1/2 Scale Mock-ups and Qualification tests
Katoh/Calderoni: In-pile pebble bed assembly test
R&D Overview
Engineering and Design (25 mins.) (Call Coordinator: Wong)
1:20-1:35 pm Wong Task status and comments/questions
1:35-1:45 pm Ying Task status and comments/questions
Summary (15 mins.) (Call Coordinator: Abdou)
1:45-2:00 pm ALL Discussions, questions, action items, plans for next conference call on October 27th (and other smaller group calls)