Harnessing Fusion Power (Theme IV)

2–4 March 2009
Faculty Center, UCLA

Monday, March 2

SESSION 1 – Overview of the Fusion Power Theme (Chair: Rene Raffray)

1.1 Wayne Meier, LLNL: Welcome, Introduction

1.2 Scott Willms, LANL: Fuel Cycle Issues, Gaps and Research Needs

1.3 Neil Morley, UCLA: Power Extraction Issues, Gaps and Research Needs

1.4 Rick Kurtz, PNNL: Materials Issues, Gaps and Research Needs

1.5 Wayne Reiersen, PPPL: An Expanded View of RAMI Issues

1.6 Phil Sharpe, INL: Safety Issues, Gaps and Research Needs

SESSION 2 – Fuel Cycle Presentations and Thrusts (Chair: Phil Sharpe)

2.1 Scott Willms, LANL: Addition Detailed Information on Gaps

2.2 Scott Willms, LANL: Recap thrusts from Greenwald report. Describe initial draft thrusts from panel work.

2.3 Laila El Guebaly, UW: Need for Online Adjustment/Control of Tritium Bred in Blanket

2.4 Clement Wong, GA: Closing the Fusion Fuel Cycle (Main Blankets)

2.5 Grady Yoder, ORNL: Fuel Cycle Issues and Thrust

SESSION 3 – Safety and Environment Presentations and Thrusts (Chair: Scott Willms)

3.1 Phil Sharpe, INL: Recap thrusts from Greenwald report. Describe initial draft thrusts from panel work.

3.2 Phil Sharpe, INL: Safety Standards and Integration with other Themes

3.3 Laila El-Guebaly, UW: Establishing Integrated Management Strategy for Activated Materials

3.4 Kofi Korsah, ORNL: Example Safety Issues and Thrust

Tuesday, March 3

SESSION 4 – Power Extraction Presentations and Thrusts (Chair: Rick Kurtz)

4.1 Neil Morley, UCLA: Recap thrusts from Greenwald report. Describe initial draft thrusts from panel work.

4.2 Alice Ying, UCLA: Integrated Multi-physics Simulation of Nuclear Components as an Essential Element in Developing Predictive Capabilities for DEMO

4.3 Ron Stambaugh, GA: Addressing Fusion Power Issues

4.4 Clement Wong, GA: Test Blanket Module Research Program

4.5 Sergey Smolentsev, UCLA: Identification of key MHD thermofluid issues and associated R&D for the next generation liquid blankets [animation]

4.6 Neil Morley, UCLA: Why US Participation in the ITER TBM is essential for Fusion Nuclear Science and Technology

4.7 Grady Yoder, ORNL: Power extraction issues and thrust

4.8 Clement Wong, GA: US Fusion DEMO Assessment

4.9 Rob Goldston, PPPL: Requirements for a Confinement Device with a Goal to Develop Tritium Breeding Blanket Modules, Based on FESAC Fusion Development Path Plan

SESSION 5 – Materials Presentations and Thrusts (Chair: Wayne Reiersen)

5.1 Rick Kurtz, PNNL: Recap thrusts from Greenwald report. Describe initial draft thrusts from panel work.

5.2 Rick Kurtz, PNNL/G. Odette, UCSB: Major Materials Issues for DEMO

5.3 Shahram Sharafat, UCLA: Interfacing Materials Development and Design: A "No-Choice" Pathway

5.4 Roger Stoller, ORNL: Integration of Modeling, Theory and Experiments

5.5 M. Demkowicz (MIT): Atomic-Scale Design of Structural Materials for Fusion Environments

5.6 Eric Pitcher/Stuart Maloy, LANL: Irradiating Fusion Materials in the Proposed LANL Materials Test Station

5.7 John Slough, MSNW LLC: Development of a high fluence fusion neutron source and component test facility based on the magneto-kinetic compression of FRCs

5.8 Tom Simonen, retired: A Materials Evaluation D-T Neutron Source

SESSION 6 – RAMI Presentations and Thrusts (Chair: Neil Morley)

6.1 Wayne Reiersen, PPPL: DEMO RAMI Requirements, Gaps, and Thrusts

6.2 Les Waganer, Boeing: Why is RAMI important to the fusion?

6.3 Tom Burgess, ORNL: RAMI issues and thrusts

6.4 John Sheffield, UT: The Need for Fusion Test Facilities

6.5 Lee Cadwallader, INL: Developing a RAMI Database for DEMO

Wednesday, March 4

SESSION 7 – Cross-Cutting Presentations and Thrusts (Chair: Richard Nygren)

7.1 Mark Tillack, UCSD: Technology Readiness Levels for Fusion

7.2 Ron Stambaugh, GA: Overview of the Fusion Development Facility

7.3 Martin Peng, ORNL: Fusion Nuclear Science Research Thrust Using a Full Fusion Nuclear Environment

7.4 Rob Goldston, PPPL: Plasma Facing Component Development on NHTX

7.5 Dennis Whyte, MIT: An Energy Sustainment Mission

7.6 Dennis Youchison, SNL: Plasma Facing Component Development Needs

Taming the Plasma Material Interface (Theme III)

4–6 March 2009
Faculty Center, UCLA

Wednesday, March 4

Mike Ulrickson, SNL: Theme III Introduction

Jeff Brooks, Purdue: PWI Panel Introduction

Clement Wong, GA: PFC Panel Introduction

Richard Callis, GA: Internal Component Introduction

Mike Kotschenreuther, UTA: Super X Divertor

Dennis Whyte, MIT: Taming PMI - energy Sustainment

Don Hillis, ORNL: Addressing PMI Knowledge Gaps

Jon Menard, PPPL: Capability Requirements for a PMI Research Thrust Fusion Facility

Thursday, March 5

PWI Panel

Brian LaBombard, MIT: Towards building a credible vision for a DEMO - Edge Transport

Tony Leonard, GA: Development and Validation of a Boundary Plasma Model

Tom Rognlien, LLNL: Prediction of PFC plasma fluxes by improved edge/scrape-off-layer simulations

Jeff Brooks, Purdue: Plasma Material Interactions (PMI)-Thrust for Enhancing Modeling & Predictive Computations

Tom Rognlien, LLNL: Innovative divertor development to solve the plasma heat-flux problem

Predrag Krstic, ORNL: Fundamental science of the synergy of multi-species interactions in a high plasma-heat-flux environment

Ted Strait, GA: Off-Normal Events in a Fusion Development Facility

A. Hassanein, Purdue: Enhancing Modeling and Simulation of Plasma Instabilities/Surface Interactions with innovative mitigation techniques

Peter Stangeby, GA: PWI issues and research opportunities

Stotler: Integrated Edge-Plasma and Plasma-Wall Interaction Research

Rob Goldston, PPPL: The Role of a Long-Pulse, High-Heat-Flux, Hot-Walls Experiment in the Study of PWI nteractions for CTF and Demo

Rajesh Maingi, PPPL: Management of dust in fusion devices

PFC Panel

Scott Hsu, LANL: Synergistic Effects of Radiation Damage and PMI

Jean Paul Allain, Purdue: Advanced refractory alloys

Peter Stangeby, GA: Carbon as a flow-through, consumable PFC material

Clement Wong, GA: BW-Surface for CTF and DEMO

Richard Majeski, PPPL: Liquid Metal Plasma–Facing Components

Rob Goldston, PPPL: Long-Pulse, High-Heat-Flux, Hot-Walls Device for PFC

Tony Leonard, GA: FDF and PFC solutions

Andrea Garafalo, GA: FDF Divertor

Richard Nygren, SNL: Strengthened Sustained and Integrated Approach for Modeling and Testing HHFCs

Dennis Youchison, SNL: The Case for Helium-Cooled Refractory PFCs

Dennis Youchison, SNL: PFC test facilities

Neil Morley, UCLA: An ITER-TBM Experimental Thrust

Int Comp Panel

Tony Peebles, UCLA: Major measurements gaps

John Caughman, ORNL: Reliable Plasma Heating and Current Drive using ICRF

Randy Wilson, PPPL: The Problem of RF Launchers in a DEMO

C. Moeller, GA: RF Launchers that Survive

Jon Menard, PPPL: 3D Internal Coils

Richard Callis, GA: RF Antennas, Launching Structures

Friday, March 6

- PWI Gaps vs. Tools [PDF]
- PWI Potential Thrusts [PPT]
- PWI Research Thrusts [PDF]

PFC Research Thrust [DOC]

IC Research Thrust [PDF]