2–6 August 2010

Logistics Information

Meeting Location:
The meeting will be held at UCLA in the following locations:

Boelter Hall, Room 6764 (Rice Room) (MONDAY and FRIDAY only)
California Room, UCLA Faculty Center (TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY only)
37-124 Engineering IV (MASCO Meeting Thursday afternoon and Friday morning)

Map of UCLA:
Please visit www.ucla.edu/map for the most current campus map. Also attached is a map showing the locations of the Rice Room, the UCLA Faculty Center, Engineering IV and Parking Structures 9 and 2.

Registration Fee:
Please note that there will be a $20 registration fee per day to defray part of the meeting costs. Payment should be made upon arrival to the meeting.

Hosted Events:
A continental breakfast will be provided for all days of the meeting. Lunch will be provided on Monday and Tuesday. A dinner will be hosted for all meeting attendees on Wednesday evening. In addition, there will be coffee breaks throughout the duration of the meeting.


MONDAY and FRIDAY: Parking Structure 9

Dial-In Numbers:
There will be a phone set up so that those who could not join the meeting in person will be able to dial-in and listen to the meetings.

Monday - 310-206-8371 (9 am-12 pm 1 pm-3 pm - Line NOT active during lunch, 12 pm-1 pm)
Tuesday - 310-794-5378 (9 am-12 pm)
Tuesday - 310-825-9221 (1:30 pm-3:30 pm)
Wednesday - 310-206-8371 (8:30 am-1 pm ONLY)
Thursday - 310-794-5378 (1:30 pm-5:30 pm) (MASCO Meeting)
Friday - 310-794-5378 (8 am-12:00 pm) (MASCO Meeting)

Directions to UCLA/Professor Abdouís Office from LAX Airport:

Directions to the Rice Room (Boelter Hall 6764):

Directions to the UCLA Faculty Center:

Wireless internet will be available in the Rice Room and the Faculty Center. A logon is required for connection at the Faculty Center. Please ask one of us for this information.