Meeting 9 Presentations

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Session I: APEX Progress (Session Chairman: S. Toda) Monday, Feb. 21
Toda Opening Remarks
Berk US-DOE Remarks
Abdou APEX Overview
Morely Exploration of Liquid Walls
Session II: APEX Progress Continued (Session Chairmain: T. Kunugi) Monday Feb. 21
Sze Engineering Design of CliFF - Flibe and Divertor Integration and Flibe Chemistry
Ying Liquid Walls in Plasma Devices (e.g. NSTX) and Results on Liquid Walls
Wong EVOLVE and High Temperature Refractories
McCarthy Safety and Environmental Issues
Session III: Progress on HPD in Japan (Session Chair: Clement Wong) Tuesday, Feb. 22
Hashizume and Toda (Chiba) Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Flibe Channel with Porous Media
Toda (Ebara) High Heat Removal by Evaporated Fluid in Porous Media
Shimizu (Hoashi) Numerical Simulation on Thermal Response of Materials by High Heat Flux
Session IV: Progress on HPD in Japan Continued and Other Topics (Session Chair: Mohamed Abdou) Tuesday, Feb. 22
Cheng HD Characteristics of Actinide Transmutations
Wong The Evolution of the Meaning of High Power Density Fusion
Wong Plasma-edge Interface Issues: Summary for the Edge Modeling Group
Kunugi Direct Numerical Simulation of High Pr Fluid Free-Surface Flows
Kunugi (F-Ch Li) Free Falling Film Flow in a Rectangular Channel
Takahashi, Y. Tsukayama, A. Nishino Turbulence Behaviors of Thick Falling Water Film Flow in a Developing Flow Region
Sagara Present Status of LHD-type Reactor Design
Toda, Abdou, Wong Summary: Joint Discussion and Future Plans
Abdou/Wong Closing Remarks