Meeting 8 Presentations

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Session I: Overview (Session Chairs: Berk)
Berk DOE Remarks
Baker VLT Remarks
Abdou 11/19/99 Metting Objectives, Study Status Issues and Plans
Youssef 11/19/99
  • Secretary Announcements
  • Status of APEX Iterim Report and Announcement
  • Session II: High-Temperature Refractory Alloys (Session Chairs: Zinkle)
    Mattas, et al 11/19/99 EVOLVE (Status, R&D Issues)
    Wong, et al He-Cooled (Status, R&D Issues)
    Wong Proposed FY2000
    Session III: Thick Liquid Walls (Session Chairs: Moir)
    Ying 11/19/99 Thick Liquid Concepts (Status, R&D Issues)
    Smolentsev 11/19/99 Current Results From "K-Epsilon" Modeling of MHD Free surrface Turbulent Flows
    Gulec 11/19/99 Accomodation of Penetrations in Moderately Thick Liquid Layer Flows
    Moir Penetrations Design
    Fogarty/Nelson Configuration
    Session IV: Thin Liquid Walls (Session Chairs: Mattas)
    Morley 11/19/99 Thin Liquid Wall Concepts 
    CLIFF- Convective Liquid Flow First Wall (Status, R&D Issues)
    Nelson/Fogarty Configuration
    Morley, Ying, Nygren, Nelson Summary of Liquid Wall FY2000 Tasks
    Sessions V: Active Control Liquid Metal Concepts (Session Chairs: Morley)
    Woolley EMR Concept Progress
    Smolentsev 11/15/99 Analysis of Magnetic Propulsion
    Kotschenreuther Toroidal Flow Concept
    Sessions VI: Plasma Wall Interactions (Session Chair: Ulrickson)
    Rognlien, et al 11/15/99 Plasma Wall Interactions (Status, R&D Issues)
    Hassanein Current Issues in Modeling Disruption Effects (Status, R&D Issues, FY2000 tasks)
    Majeski/Kaita 11/15/99 Plans for Liquid Lithium Experiments in CDX-U Plans
    Bromberg, Pitcher 11/19/99 Interest in Liquid Divertor Plates at Alcator C-MOD
    Possible Liquid Walls Experiments in LDX
    Sessions VII: Impact of Liquid Wall on Plasma (Session Chair: Meade)
    Kotschenreuther Improvements in Physics and Requirements on LM Design
    Logan, Meade, PPPL? Others? Comments from Physics Community
    Ruzic Measurements of Liquid Metal MHD Flows
    Kaita, et al Plasma-Bulk Liquid Interactions: Issues, FY2000 Task
    Session VIII: Liquid Wall-Plasma Support Technology Interactions (Session Chair: Sze)
    Ulrickson/Nygren Divertor Integration and Liquid Walls
    Nelson 12/15/99 Considerations of Heating, Fueling, and Current Drive Interactions with Liquid Walls
    Mattas 11/19/99 ALPS Status and Plans
    Session IX: System Studies Perspective (Session Chair: Logan)- "Session deferred"
    Najmabadi System Studies Perspective
    Wong Wall Load and COE for Tokamaks
    Special Session on CDX-U User's Group
    Kaita Summary of the Group Meeting
    Session X: Materials and Safety (Session Chair: Wong)
    McCarthy, et al 11/19/99 Safety
    Session XI: Evaluation Criteria, Tritium, and Other Talks (Session Chair:Nygren)
    Sawan, et al 11/19/99 Report from the Evaluation Criteria Group
    Sze, et al Tritium, Flibe Chemistry and Power Conversion
    Tillack Solid Particulate Flow
    Ruzic Plasma Gun Flowing Liquid Wall
    Session XII: FY2000 Tasks Summary and Discussions (Session Chair: Baker)
    Abdou FY2000 Goals/Tasks Summary and Budgets
    Ying, et al Summary of Task I: Liquid Walls in NSTX-type
    Morley, et al Summary of Task II: Exploring Attractive Liquid Wall Options
    Sze/Nelson, et al Summary of Task III: Practical Engineering Development of Liquid Wall
    Wong, et al Summary of Task IV: Extending Capabilities of Solid Walls
    Final Session XIII: Specific Details of FY2000 Tasks
    General Agree on Any Remaining Unresolved Issues
    General Future Meetings and Conference Calls Dates and Format