Meeting 4 Presentations

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All presentations are available below in pdf format. For your convenience, all of the presentations are available in a single zipped file,

Session I: Study Status and Rational 
S. Berk Introductory Remarks
M. Abdou Status and Direction
M. Youssef Secretary's Announcements
Session II: Analysis of Promising HPD Concepts for APEX
N. Morley Convective Liquid Flow First Wall (CLiFF)
Ying/Gulec/Uchimoto Thick Liquid Gravity/Momentum Driven (GMD) Concept
Uchimoto Axi-symmetric Positional Stability of Plasma with Liquid First Wall Concept
Nelson Mechanical Design for Liquid Concepts (single file)
Mechanical Design for Liquid Concepts, 1 of 3
Mechanical Design for Liquid Concepts, 2 of 3
Mechanical Design for Liquid Concepts, 3 of 3
Morley/Kothe/Hadid CFD Tools: TELLURIDE and MHD Codes
Hadid CFD Development for Free Surface Liquid Flows
Gulec Preliminary Assessment of Thick Liquid Blanket/First Wall Concept
Sze FliBe Issues
Mogahed Nozzles to Maintain Thin Liquid
Youssef Power Multiplication/Tritium Breeding
Kotschenreuther Issues for Liquid Metal Plasma Facing Walls
Flowing Li2O Particulate Blanket Concept (APPLE) 
Tillack APPLE Heat Transfer Issues
Igor APPLE Configuration
Evaporation Spray Cooling Concept (ESCC) 
Malang/Mattas Issues of Evaporation Spray Cooling Concept (ESCC)
He-Cooled Refractory Metal FW/Blanket/Divertor Concept 
C. Wong He-Cooled Refractory Alloys FW/Blanket Concepts: Issues and Design
Nelson Mechanical Design and Configuration
Nygren Progress on He-cooled PFC
Woolley Magnetically Restrained LM Flow in Tokamaks
Session III: Materials and Data Base Evaluation (Chair: Richard Nygren)
Zinkle/El-Azab/Ghoniem Properties of High Temperature Refractory Metals:
  • Physical and Mechanical Properties
  • Temperature Limits
  • Costs
  • Ghoniem/Sze/Zinkle Compatibility of High Temperature Refractory Metals with Coolants:
  • Physical Properties of Coolants
  • Temperature Limits of F/M Steels, V Alloys, SiC/SiC, Ta, Nb, Mo, W, Austenitic SS in Contact with Li, FliBe, Pb
  • Zinkle Summary of Physical Properties for Lithium, Pb-17Li, and (LiF)nBeF2 Coolants
    Session IV (Special Session) Common Design Issues in APEX and ALPS (Chair: Dai Kai Sze)
    McCarthy Safety Issues related to Liquid Metals
    Sze Tritium Permeation Issues
    Sze Power Conversion Issues
    Sze Power Conversion Issues for Liquid Wall Concept
    Session V: APEX Process and Organization (Chairs: Mohamed Abdou and Mark Tillack)
    Abdou Suggestions on APEX Process, Organization, and Schedule
    TillackSuggestions and Plans for Evaluation Criteria on APEX
    Issues and Tasks
    Wong He-cooled Refractory Alloys FW/Blanket HHF Option
    Nelson Mechanical Design Group FY99 Plans
    McCarthy Safety Tasks for FY99
    Ying FY99 Tasks for Thick Liquid Wall Designs
    Moir FRC Activities
    Zinkle Materials Group Key Issues
    Mattas Other Tasks - ANL
    Morley MHD Modeling
    Sze Key Issues and Plans for FY99