Meeting 10 Presentations

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APEX FY 2000 Tasks

Youssef(UCLA) General Guidelines to Conduct the Meeting (5 min)
Abdou (UCLA) Opening Remarks and Agenda (5 min)
Session I: Report on Task I Progress: (Explore Options and Issues for Implementing Flowing Liquid Wall in NSTX)
Ying (UCLA) Status of APEX FY 2000 Task I (1 min)
Kaita (PPPL) NSTX Perspective (5 min)
Nelson (ORNL) NSTX Flowing Liquid Wall Options (9 min)
Ying (UCLA) MHD and Heat Transfer Analysis of Lithium Walls in NSTX (10 min)
Woolley (PPPL) Toroidal Magnetic Field Facility Design (10 min)
All Discussion (10 min)
Session II: Report on Task II Progress: (Exploration of High-Payoff Liquid Wall Concepts)
Morley (UCLA) Staus Report on Task II and progress on MHD modeling tools (15 min)
Smolentsev (UCLA) Current Status of APEX Heat Transfer Modeling using "K-epsilon" Model of MHD Turbulence (7 min)
Gulec (UCLA) Progress on FLI-HY Simulation Facility and Heat Transfer Enhancement Techniques Evaluation (10 min)
Moir (LLNL) Progress on alternative plasma confinement schemes with liquid walls (3 min)
All Discussion (10 min)
Barleon's presentation (From Task IV)
Barleon (FZK/GA) Investigations on Capillary Cooling of the First Wall (7 min)
All Discussion (3 min)
Session III: Report on Task III Progress: (Practical Engineering Issues Associated with the Design of a Liquid Wall)
Sze (ANL) APEX Task Group III Progress Report (10 min)
Nelson (ORNL) Practical Engineering Issues Associated with the Design of a Liquid Wall (8 min)
Break 12:08 noon
Re-start 12:30 pm
Session III: Cont'd
Nuygren (SNL) Concerns on Integration of an APEX Divertor (10 min)
Youssef (UCLA) Needs for a Multiplier and impact of Stabilizing Shell on TBR (7 min)
All Discussion (10 min)
Session IV: Report on Task IV Progress: (High-Temperature Refractory Solid Wall)
Wong et, al. (GA) Introduction and EVOLVE Status (2 min)
Sviatoslavsky/Murphy (UW) Some Aspects of the EVOLVE Trays' Configuration (5 min)
Corradini et,al. (UW) EVOLVE Lithium Tray Boiling Analysis (10 min)
Wong et, al. (GA) EVOLVE Evolution (8 min)
All Discussion (10 min)

Cross-Cutting Tasks

Session V: Report on Task A Progress: (Plasma-Liquid Surface Interactions and Plasma Edge Modelling)
Rognlien (LLNL) Plasma/Liquid Interaction and Plasma-Edge Modeling (12 min)
All Discussion (3 min)
Session VI: Report on Task B Progress: (Liquid Wall-Bulk Plasma Interactions)
Kaita (PPPL) APEX Task B Summary: LiquidWall-Bulk Plasma Interaction (12 min)
All Discussion (3 min)
Session VII: Report on Task C Progress: (Materials)
Sharafat/Ghoniem (UCLA) Coolant Structural Materials Compatibility (12 min)
All Discussion (3 min)
Session VIII: Report on Task D Progress: (Safety and Environmental Analysis)
McCarthy (INEEL) Safety Issues (12 min)
All Discussion (3 min)