Action Items

APEX/FHPD Workshop

UCLA, February 16-19, 1999


  1. The next APEX meeting will be held: May 12-14, 1999, Princeton University.

  3. The deadlines of issuing the APEX Interim Report were agreed upon as follow:

June 1, 1999: Draft assembly

July 1, 1999: Draft report

July 30, 1999: Final Interim Report

August 15, 1999: mail report by UCLA

  1. The scientific evaluation will be carried out in September following the release of the interim report on July. Getting a feedback from people to whom the report will be mailed, and receiving feedback from the participants of the Snowmass meeting, could replace the need to have a community workshop, as was planned earlier, but this will be decided soon.

  3. The solicitation for Phase I of the process of the competitive proposals for APEX (and ALPS) will be in the Summer of 1999. Competition between laboratories, universities, and industry is sought. Ideas about new concepts, key issues of concepts, and the next step towards a proof-of-principle (POP) experiments are in the scope of this open competition.

  5. It was agreed to continue establishing collaboration between Japan and the U.S in common areas of interest including research in the high performance FliBe coolant/breeder, Study of particulate and liquid mist design to enhance heat transfer at low system pressure, MHD research for liquid metal on both free surface and channel flow designs, conceptual reactor and high heat flux components design, fundamental studies in neutronics, fundamental studies in thermal fluid and high heat flux heat transfer, material research, and safety and accident analysis

  7. The US and Japan delegations recommended that the next FHPD workshop to be held in Japan in the year 2000 and the time and place would be determined later this year.